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Why Intelenergi?

Intelenergi Global Pvt Ltd. delivers innovative solutions in the renewable energies sector, focusing its business on solar power. Our prime focus is to promote this clean energy across all over the country and solar power is the best option in this current era. These Solar batteries, Solar PV Modules, Solar Charge Controller, Solar PCU and Inverters are produced in our manufacturing facilities, following extreme quality procedures

Corporate Profile

Intelenergi is the most vibrant energy company in the world and has been at the forefront since 20 years catering to industrial and private sectors in a wide range of solar solutions. We have been also engaged in the areas of Energy storage, Renewable energy, storage products and electrical solution.

It has the most modern and up-to-date Industrial manufacturing facility specializing in the manufacture and supply of industries leading high performance products. This combined with modern state of the art quality management systems and a computerized operational system delivers the most Modern flexible customer focused Industrial power business in the world. Intelenergi understands that it is only in delivering true customer satisfaction that the business will grow and develop.

With a complete manufacturing facilities of Batteries, Inverters, Home UPS and Solar Water Pumping systems situated at North India and South India, we not only manufacturer our products but also have an in-house R&D Centre. This ensures our products meet the Highest industrial standard complying with CE and UL. Needless to mention, the state of the art Factory meets all the statutory certifications like UL Laboratory, SONCAP, NEPCA.

Intelenergi is a successful global supplier to the industrial market; our products are now sold over to more than 50 countries worldwide. We have our offices and warehouses in Sudan.

We assure you that our services will not be limited to just providing solar solutions but also cater to any relevant need and requirements, for any of your projects.

Group Credentials

  • State of the Art 5 Manufacturing facilities for batteries and 1 for Energy storage products in India.
  • Technology Tie – ups and support team from The United States of America.
  • Annual Production capacity of 2.9 Million batteries currently.
  • Planned to have 7 Million batteries a year in 2021-22.
  • Full Range of Industrial & Automotive- JIS, DIN in MF and DC.
  • One of the Fastest growing Automotive & Industrial battery Manufacturer from India.
  • Well established Distribution Base in 15 states in India.
  • One of the largest OEM supplier & supporter to big energy & solar brands in India.



Solar Products

Solar Products

Solar Water Pump

Solar Water Pump

Home Ups

Home Ups


Top Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Increase Bottom Line: Invest in Solar Rooftops, profit from clean energy, save tax & get superior returns than any other investment option.
  • Improve Building Life: Reduce HVAC costs (solar rooftops reduce indoor temperatures by up to 5 o ), Solar panels add a protective layer to your roof.
  • Profit from Clean Energy: Solar panels generate clean & green power from the planet’s most reliable and safest energy source the sun.
  • Tariff Lock-in: Solar power unit tariff lock-in for the plant life of 20 years, Grid tariff will always continue to increase as fossil fuel costs increase.
  • Save Income Tax: Solar rooftop investments are eligible for accelerated depreciation and a payback of fewer than 5 years after which solar power is free for the lifetime of the plant – 20 years.

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